ShoreTel Premise

Every business uses telephones, but for most businesses selecting an office phone system is difficult. It is the lifeline that connects the business to the world: your employees, customers and vendors. Great phone systems must be reliable and easy to use, in order to keep you connected. Considerations include cost, benefits, and feasibility. At Pinnacle Computer Services we have chosen ShoreTel as our choice of VOIP phone system.

ShoreTel Sky

Few companies have the in-house resources to effectively manage and maintain traditional business phone solutions and PBX. This is why more businesses are turning to cloud-based phone systems such as ShoreTel. We love ShoreTel VOIP phone systems; that’s why we use it ourselves.

What sets ShoreTel apart from the rest?

Watch the video and listen to 10 reasons why ShoreTel has been so successful in distinguishing itself in the market place.


Make Teams Productive

ShoreTel Connect collaboration turns conference calls into online meetings with messaging, web sharing, and video


Never Miss A Call

ShoreTel Connect mobility keeps you connected with desk phone features and functionality everywhere you go


Enhance Customer Experiences

ShoreTel Connect Contact Center nurtures profitable customer relationships by phone, chat and email


Improve Business Intelligence

ShoreTel Connect advanced apps and integrations maximize the value of CRM and other business process programs


ShoreTel Sky is the only all-in-one cloud business phone solution

ShoreTel Sky helps you do more, in less time. It's an arsenal of tools that makes it easy to share, chat, show and connect.  Better communication, better teamwork, better results means better business. Just another reason why you'll love ShoreTel Sky.

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Ensuring Best Performance For Your Business Communications

Make sure your team, network and processes are trained and optimized for best business phone system performance. Whether or not you have an IT department, ShoreTel can work with you and your partners to ensure your IP networks are designed, configured and mangaged for optimum performance through all stages of the project lifecycle—from project Discovery, to Delivery, and ongoing Management.

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