Why do I need security?

All networks are subject to an assortment of malicious attacks. These attacks include passive attacks (when an intruder intercepts data within a network) and active attacks (where intruders disrupts the normal operations within a network). We offer network support to prevent such attacks that can destroy businesses. We work with our clients to come up with a solution and plan that best works for their needs.

Increasing need for security

With the increase of cloud based computing, network security is a top priority. At Pinnacle Computer Services we offer a full range of network support to build a solid foundation on, in order to suit various networking environments. These layers range from firewalls, Virtual Private Network(VPN), spam filtering on email, antivirus, and permission/policy configurations.

Pinnacle has proudly partenered with Dell SonicWall and Palo Alto, in order to bring you the best of the best in today's security market.

Pinnacle Proudly Presents... Dell SonicWALL Security Solutions

When you are looking for security solutions, it doesn't matter if you are trying to protect a single home, or an entire enterprise, Dell SonicWALL has you covered. Dell SonicWALL has multiple lines of firewalls that range from SOHO networks to Enterprise networks, and everything in between. Interested in learning more about what SonicWALL can do for you? Fill out the contact form below and have a sales representative start a conversation with you today!

Pinnacle Proudly Presents... Palo Alto Security Solutions

Today’s sophisticated attacks increasingly rely on a combination of tactics and threat vectors to penetrate an organization and often remain undetected for extended periods of time while inflicting long-term damage. Most organizations still rely on legacy point technologies that address only specific types of attacks, or phases of the attack. Because of the singular nature of these technologies, they are ill-equipped to detect and prevent today’s advanced cyber attacks. And, when they are finally discovered, they typically require significant human incident response efforts. As the volume and sophistication of these attacks continues to grow, throwing more point products and human capital at the challenge is too costly and cumbersome for most organizations.

To address these challenges, a new approach is required: One that begins with positive security controls to reduce the attack surface; inspects all traffic, ports, and protocols to block all known threats; rapidly detects unknown threats through analysis and correlation of abnormal behavior; then automatically employs new signatures and policies back to the front line to ensure previously unknown threats are known to all and blocked. This approach can reduce the number of threats that penetrate an organization and greatly reduce the need for costly human remediation.

Palo Alto Networks is pioneering the development of this kind of automated approach; it starts with the firewall as the core enforcement vehicle within the network and is complemented by advanced detection services to increase overall efficacy. With its security platform, Palo Alto Networks builds greater visibility upstream combined with strong prevention mechanisms of both known and unknown threats. The Morta team’s cybersecurity expertise and technologies will fit seamlessly into this approach by adding capabilities that can expedite the detection of new attack variations.

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