Meet Highfive 

A sleek and easy to use HD video conferencing camera that is at the same time inexpensive

Multiple Viewers
Dolby Voice Audio

Top Quality with a modest cost

The Highfive brings you the top quality with a modest cost and can be affordable for any business or person. The Highfive starts as low as $100 per month for the Essential and goes up to $279 per month for the Professional experience. 


When using Highfive all calls are 128-bit AES encrypted and the single sign-on and domain-based security ensure only your employees can start Highfive calls. Also the waiting room prompts attendees to let in the right people and not just let anyone connect to your calls.

Allows Multiple Connections

The Highfive allows you to have up to 25 callers per meeting, and allows callers to be in different locations for the meetings.  That eliminates waiting for that one person that's always late for meetings and allows them to access the meeting from anywhere on their mobile device. Highfive meetings are compatible with all of your personal devices—iOS, Android, Mac, Windows.

Dolby Audio

Highfive uses Dolby voice to deliver crystal clear calls to its users and makes it sound like each person has their own personal microphone. It can pick up even the quietest of whispers from across the room. Dolby Audio also cancels out noise, if one caller is in an airport or train station the other callers won't hear the noise.   

The Three types of Bundles 


dolby-price-1 All-in-one device with simple, cloud conferencing software

  • Unlimited wireless TV projection
  • Unlimited video conferencing
  • Unlimited remote screen sharing
  • Unlimited meetings and hosts
  • Access on secure and guest WiFi
  • Wireless control via apps
  • Cross-platform: macOS, Windows, iOS, Android
  • Up to 8 callers per meeting
  • Simple meeting URLs
  • No meeting passwords or IDs
  • Slack integration
  • Outlook integration
  • Google Calendar integration
  • 128-bit AES encrypted calls
  • Phone, chat, email support



 Everything in Essential, plus:
  • Unlimited phone dial-ins
  • Unlimited International dial-ins
  • Up to 50 callers per meeting
  • Single sign-on and Active Directory
  • Custom branding on TV and apps
  • Custom domain
  • Advanced administration
  • Usage analytics
  • Option to add call recording
  • Mix with Professional or Professional Plus bundles



 Everything in Standard, plus:
  • Premium audio, powered by Dolby Voice™
  • Audio device from Dolby
  • Stereo, spatial voice separation
  • 360-degree audio capture
  • Dedicated Success Manager
  • Network evaluation, optimization
  • Admin and employee onboarding
  • On-site and virtual training
  • Mix with Standard bundle

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