Cloud Services

We, at Pinnacle Computer Services, specialize in virtualization and cloud storage. We can turn your data center into a secure private cloud storage system without throwing away existing applications or hardware by utilizing VMware. A virtual machine (VM) is a tightly isolated software container that runs its own operating system and applications. This acts just like a typical physical computer and many virtual machines can run on a single computer at the same time. This provides server and storage consolidation.

At Pinnacle Computer Services we specialize in desktop virtualization and cloud storage for businesses; we use it ourselves. The benefits of cost reduction, diminished downtime, increased productivity, rapid application deployment (RAD), and access to work stations remotely are some of the few benefits of switching to virtualization.

Our cloud-based network support solutions include Microsoft Windows servers, Microsoft Exchange servers, virtualized servers, wireless integration, and hardware purchasing/installation for such servers. Also, we offer anti-virus and anti-spam solutions. Beyond normal business hours we also offer after hours (24/7) network support that is remote for our clients. At Pinnacle Computer Services, we are fans of Juniper Networks and we use it ourselves. We also have 27 years of experience with Cisco. We design our network solutions and network support to fit the business’ needs as we know one glove doesn’t fit all.

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