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Founded in 1988, Pinnacle Computer Services supplies innovative Information Technology Solutions to a client base in six states and Canada. Every solution we recommend, we use ourselves. We know our products. Our unique problem solving approach, tailored to the specific needs of each client, results in both time and money savings that directly impact our client’s bottom line in a positive manner.

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Virtualization / Cloud Storage

Complete cloud services and hybrid services with over 300 terabytes of storage. Complete replication, real-time monitoring, management reporting, protection, and security. We excel at application, work-space, data, and network virtualization.

Managed Services

Pinnacle Computer Services managed IT service programs provide a cost effective, flexible, and scalable framework with which to support your company’s IT requirements and needs. Our custom tailored services are designed to maximize your investments in technology and allow you to keep your focus on growing your business.

Website Development

We offer complete programming services in website and application design and development. We also can custom develop your business’ database. Our skills include WordPress, C#, ASP.NET, JavaScript/jQuery, CSS, AJAX, JSON, Java, PHP, MySQL, Ruby on Rails, and MSSQL.

Network Solutions

Get the protection and support your business needs. Our expertise resides with our innate knowledge of firewalls, virus prevention, virus removal, data protection, compliance with legislated regulations, spam/content filtering, and multiple SAN utilization.

ShoreTel VOIP

Is your business needing better communication and service? We specialize in IP telephone systems and email services. We offer both on-site installation and on-site/off-site support.

IT Staffing and Repair

Thinking about starting a project but don’t have enough staff or skills required to fulfill it? We offer professional and experienced computer technicians, web programming, application programming, server/network administration, network technicians, and more.

Promethean Boards

We work closely with educational institutions and love to integrate technology into classrooms with Promethean boards. We do full installation, maintenance and servicing.

Office Training

Pinnacle Computer Services is authorized to administer many IT certification tests offered through Krypterion.

Dell Compellent Partner

Virtualization and Cloud Storage

Let's not be Byzantine about this...

We, at Pinnacle Computer Services, specialize in virtualization and cloud storage. We can turn your data center into a secure private cloud storage system without throwing away existing applications or hardware by utilizing VMware. A virtual machine (VM) is a tightly isolated software container that runs its own operating system and applications. This acts just like a typical physical computer and many virtual machines can run on a single computer at the same time. This provides server and storage consolidation.

At Pinnacle Computer Services we specialize in desktop virtualization and cloud storage for businesses; we use it ourselves. The benefits of cost reduction, diminished downtime, increased productivity, rapid application deployment (RAD), and access to work stations remotely are some of the few benefits of switching to virtualization.

Along with server virtualization, Pinnacle Computer Services offers remote, off-site date cloud storage. This ensures that systems and servers can be reloaded with the latest data in the event that a disaster takes place. We also offer hybrid data cloud storage where data is backed up using a combination of local and off-site technologies. This allows for faster data recovery to be performed for your business.

As a premier partner with Dell Compellent we offer versatile, high-performance storage, and ongoing economic value for SAN and NAS environments with a virtualized, scalable pool of disks for block and file data. Its flexible architecture supports various drive configurations including all-flash, hybrid flash, and traditional spinning disk solutions for enterprise applications and file workloads.

“I don’t need a hard disk in my computer if I can get to the server faster… carrying around these non-connected computers is byzantine by comparison.” – Steve Jobs, late chairman of Apple (1997)

With the benefits of scalable storage, 24/7 assistance with live support, data backup with easy reimplementation, and cost-effective measures that are less expensive than our over priced competitors in the area; we consider our premier partnership with Dell and our speciality in virtualization and cloud storage one of Pinnacle Computer Service’s greatest advantages. We love what we do and we love showing how it benefits our clients. Technology and business is a beautiful thing.

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Managed Services

Control your IT costs...

Pinnacle Computer Services managed services program provide a cost effective, flexible, and scalable framework with which to support your company’s IT requirements and needs. Our custom tailored services are designed to maximize your investments in technology and allow you to keep your focus on growing your business.

One of the biggest challenges in today’s economic times is maximizing the effectiveness of investments in IT systems, and is a key to the businesses survival. Businesses invest in managed services because they the tools to help support and drive it. Unfortunately, managing these systems is no simple task and requires many different and expensive skills. Having affordable access to the right tools and technical team with knowledge of your business environment is the key to successfully managing your business’s IT needs. All too often, companies are held back by trying to manage these complex IT systems in the traditional ways while their competitors gain market share at their expense.

Pinnacle Computer Services allows companies to concentrate on their business by providing clients with a full staff of experienced technology professionals to meet their needs.

With Pinnacle you will always have a dedicated IT staff helping you select, implement and manage the right technologies to help your business succeed.

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Website Development

We code poetry...

We offer full website design and development. We believe a website that delivers results and communicates with the business audience is key to success. After all, why have one if it isn’t driving traffic to your business? A good website development process consists of key design features. These features are a compelling layout, easy navigation, a clear message that your business wants to deliver, and a high ranking on all major browsers (SEO optimization). A website can influence the company’s sales, service, and reputation. This means that a well designed website can be one of the most important factors in determining the success of your business.

Domain names and websites are Internet real estate and some of the best practices for marketing.

For years we have specialized in developing and hosting websites. We can develop and update the site for you, or develop one using a content management system (such as WordPress) that will allow you to post your own updates, pictures, messages, and blogs. A content management system gives you more control over your site; that way you do not have to call the developer constantly for small changes and reduces wait time for changes that you want to see happen.

At Pinnacle Computer Services we also believe in the quality of design. We believe the look and feel of your site is critical. Customers will base opinions of the business off the design of the site. That is why we will custom tailor a perfect fit for your specific business needs. We sit down, we listen, and we learn about your business. The compelling layout we design will be specific for your business and cater around it.

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Network Solutions

We do not fear computers. We fear the lack of them...

With the increase of cloud based computing, network security is a top priority. At Pinnacle Computer Services we offer a full range of network support to build a solid foundation on in order to suit various networking environments. These layers range from firewalls, Virtual Private Network(VPN), spam filtering on email, antivirus, and permission/policy configurations.

All networks are subject to an assortment of malicious attacks. These attacks include passive attacks (when an intruder intercepts data within a network) and active attacks (where intruders disrupts the normal operations within a network). We offer network support to prevent such attacks that can destroy businesses. We work with our clients to come up with a solution and plan that best works for their needs.

Our network support solutions include Microsoft Windows servers, Microsoft Exchange servers, virtualized servers, wireless integration, and hardware purchasing/installation for such servers. Beyond normal business hours we also offer after hours (24/7) network support that is remote for our clients. At Pinnacle Computer Services, we are fans of Juniper Networks and we use it ourselves. We also have 27 years of experience with Cisco. We design our network solutions and network support to fit the business’ needs as we know one glove doesn’t fit all.

We talk with our clients, we listen, and we design the best strategies are cost effective. We understand that support is needed through all times of the day. For over 27 years we have delivered the best support for our clients. We stay active and we stay engaged. Our clients are important to us and their networks are our main priority.

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ShoreTel VOIP

Let's be IP...

Every business uses telephones, but for most businesses selecting an office phone system is difficult. It is the lifeline that connects the business to the world: your employees, customers and vendors. Great phone systems must be reliable and easy to use, in order to keep you connected. Considerations include cost, benefits, and feasibility. At Pinnacle Computer Services we have chosen ShoreTel as our choice or our VOIP phone system.

Few companies have the in-house resources to effectively manage and maintain traditional business phone solutions and PBX. This is why more businesses are turning to cloud-based phone systems such as ShoreTel. We love ShoreTel VOIP phone systems; that’s why we use it ourselves.

At Pinnacle Computer Services we offer full onsite ShoreTel VOIP installation. This includes installing hardware, provisioning users, and testing features of the ShoreTel solution. We also offer remote services such as project management, remote configuration, and support.

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IT Staffing and Repair

We love all things tech...

Pinnacle Computer Services provides professional staffing and business solutions for IT departments. By understanding what your business needs, and what specialty skill sets are needed, Pinnacle Computer Services can accommodate your business with its leading IT experts.

Sometimes situations arise where large projects are needing more resources than the company has at hand. People may be on leave or a particular skill set is needed that is not in your company’s IT department. Pinnacle Computer Services has been helping businesses both local and regional for over 27 years by offering our computer technicians, network engineers, systems administrators, application developers, and web developers at cost effective rates. Our extensive years of experience and expertise gives us a unique advantage.

“Companies can’t afford hiring mistakes, they are costly and can erode staff morale.”

With Pinnacle Computer Services you get years of experience and certified technical experts in the IT staffing and repair fields on part-time, full-time, short-term or long-term basis.

Along with IT staffing and repair, we also offer our services in project management. Whether you company follows the SDLC methodologies of waterfall, RAD, agile or any other type; we at Pinnacle have experience managing and working with all of these different types of software development life cycles.

Pinnacle Computer Services also offers IT repairing services: server repair; workstation repair; virus removal; hardware replacement; data recovery; VOIP repair; and general computer equipment repair.

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Promethean Boards

Promethean boards make educational technology fun!

Developed for teachers, by teachers. Promethean ActivClassroom brings together specialized teaching software with ActivInspire, state of the art interactive display systems such as the ActivBoard, best in class learner response systems ActiVote and ActivExpression, complementary classroom products including ActivSound and ActiView, and a complete suite of Professional Development services, support through Promethean Planet, and community offerings with our key partnerships with education leading companies.

The ActivBoard is not just for the classroom. Promethean interactive display systems are well suited for the conference room, board room, auditorium, or anywhere else that presentations and meetings are held. Not just for teaching, ActivBoards are ideal for sales meetings, product demos, and presentations.

Pinnacle Computer Service’s certified installation specialists provide professional installation services of your Promethean products.

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Office Training

A Bright Idea...

Need training on the latest software packages such as Microsoft Office? Want to brush up your graphic design skills on Adobe Creative Suite software? Pinnacle Computer Services can help! We offer training to both companies and individuals.

When you discover that your employees need computer related job skills this is the place to come. We can provide your employees with the appropriate training to meet your needs. All of our training is hands on with fully qualified instructors in our state of the art facility.

These days many employers won’t even consider your resume unless you can demonstrate that you’re ready to go to work in today’s modern office. That means being proficient in the latest software applications or having the certifications to prove you can do the job. We at Pinnacle can help you get that valuable knowledge. We provide the same great training we offer to our corporate clients to individuals as well. Contact us today to start on a new career.

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